Saturday, May 9, 2009

Charms of the Heart

It is such fun when you get the mail and there is a box ready to be opened. Now, the box itself is pretty nondescript, but, oh, what was inside was dessert for the eyes. Love, love, love these little pieces of glass confections. They remind me of a wedding cake with scrolling and squiggles and lots of yummy icing. Lovely to say the least. We just had the best time arranging them...trying this...doing that. After all was said and done, several will never make it to the RBC. You will find them gracing a few gals (who shall remain nameless for right now!) charm bracelets and one necklace chain around here!

Look for these charms in the Sterling Charms, Bracelets, and Chains along with these new Sterling Silver Bracelets.


  1. This charm bracelet is stunning! Where did you find the glass heart charms? I've wanted to make a charm bracelet with these types of glass beads and have found only a sparse selection. I especially like the pink (heart) with black scroll design.

    Sweet wishes,

  2. Oh, you should see them in person! They remind me of wedding cake from a high end bakery. We have an artist friend that does them for us. She had seen them at a bead show.

    Your right it is so heard to find them in these feminine styles.