Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cape Cod

What a blessing to have had the past two weeks! Fine people, beautiful scenery, and kindred spirits to nourish the artistic soul. Met some lovely, lovely business women from Make Mine Pink and we stayed in a beautiful beach house in Dennis. Great mix of business and pleasure to say the least. The women at the business retreat were phenomenal each in their own right. And the shops on the Cape are as noteworthy as the owners. You are going to get to see some new Broken China Jewelry pieces and spoon bracelets from our shopping forays.

It started with a road trip from Baltimore to Massachusetts with Roxie from (check her out darling lights out). We went through several beautiful states. She is a wonderful driver and I can't say enough good things about GPS. If you don't have one and you do road, don't walk, to get one. I had gotten one at Amazon for Mom on her 70th and she loaned it to us. I got back to Texas and ordered mine right away from WalMart (they had a great bundle deal). Mom's took us through New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts so easily with some side trips along the way. However, it did not warn us about all the tolls. I think that Roxie and I were both shocked at the number of toll roads. Wow! I wouldn't mind even a miniscule piece of that pie.

As much fun as I had despite the cold and sinus problems and computer crashes, I am happy to be home. I think that travel makes you appreciate home more...I may have to do this more often!


  1. Hi Kim! Ooooh spoon bracelets...can't wait to see you newest creations sparred on by the beauty of Cape Cod.
    Susie ~ The Polka Dot Rose

  2. Kim ~

    I am so glad that you got to travel with Roxie. I've also had the pleasure. She is a dream driver and is always oodles of fun to be around. Glad you had a great time in Cape Cod despite the cold.


  3. There is no place like home but good you enjoyed your trip as well as your stay. Post your new pieces when done so we can all have a look.

  4. Hi Kim,,, I loved meeting you. I really enjoyed learning more about your work. You are an amazing artist! I know we will get to meet again one day soon, and I cant wait. Take care and have a beautiful week... luv, gail

  5. Oh you lucky girl getting to travel with the fabulous Roxie! She is such a riot!
    Totally jealous I didnt' get to go on the retreat. Dag! Glad everyone had fun though and so great to see the photos and hear about the adventures.
    bunny hugs,

  6. Hi Sweet Kim!

    Soooo happy you got to meet some of the pinkies and even more happy you had a ball. They sure are fun to be around. I was blessed to spend time with them in Chicago and West Virginia. I will never forget those days. Truly fun. By the way I just love your blog. I should have visited you sooner! Thanks for stopping by to visit me. And please do stop by anytime. I also love your beautiful jewelry.
    Enjoy your week pinkie
    Janet Bernasconi
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  7. Hi Kim, I just loved meeting you and shopping with you. Your a wonderful person and I wished we live closer to one another. Thank God for that Navigation system she was a gem of a girl. Pink Hugs, Patty

  8. Hi Kim,

    Glad you had such a great time at the retreat. It sounds so fun! I hope you are well rested now at home!

    Have a great week!

  9. Kim, I'm pea green with envy! It sounds like a heavely trip, but your right... it's always great to get home again. Hugs, Tedi

  10. Wasn't that a hoot....Bubbles!!? It was SO much fun..It's only taken me 2 months to visit blogs! I LOVE the necklace you made for us!
    Thank you again..
    Hugs, Cindy xoxo :)