Monday, July 6, 2009

Patty & Belle

Just a short post today, but I had to introduce you to two new bracelets. One is custom designed Broken China Jewelry Bracelet for Patty from She picked some wonderful antique pieces while we were at Cape Cod so it has been a couple of weeks since she's seen her little piece of confection. I so like showing what people design with our pieces and will try to make a habit of sharing. She did a great job didn't she?

The second bracelet is made of carved antique mother of pearl buttons and we named her Belle. She was definitely a labor of love and I wish that you could see her in person. Each sweet iridescent button was handpicked, set in silver and joined one at a time to create what you see. One thing about using antique mother of pearl is that the luster is so intense and pretty. Miss Belle has a bigger sister (I won't tell you who got her...but it is someone you know...ahem...ahem...) and she will have another sister soon. Look for Belle on the website soon.

Our next post: How to make a bracelet into a necklace. Come back for a great idea!


  1. Hi Kim! Wow! Patty is surely going to treasure that beauty! Gorgeous!
    Susie ~ The Polka Dot Rose

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  3. Susie, you are precious! Hope that my Northern twin is doing great. I am wishing for that Cape Cod cold right now. 102 here and humid. I may have to come camp at your place!


  4. Hi Kim, What beautiful bracelets. Your work is so pretty! Patty is going to be thrilled. I love, love, love these!
    I know what you mean. Its 108 here and the office I work in is 95. Its brutal.Hard to believe such a short time ago we were soooo cold! lol
    Have a great week.. (()) gail

  5. Okay, so I can admit it - I'm jealous - yes I am. Oh geeeeeeeeeeee.

    Carol at Business in THE Bag

  6. Kim

    Both pieces are absolutely gorgeous.


  7. Girlfriend, I do not know where you get the idea that you have just ordinary jewelry -- these are drop dead drooling gorgeous pieces!!! Silly Wabbit!

  8. Wow, I'm in love and pea green with envy at the same time! Tedi

  9. Oh these are beautiful and jeolous, these are treasures to own.

  10. That bracelet is gorgeous. Kim, your work is so amazing. You know how I feel about Belle. :O)

  11. OMG,OMG,OMG I absolutely love it and wish you can get it to my by Saturday. Please send me the invoice so I can get it asap.
    Thank you so very much your work is just perfection to me.
    Pink Huggies, Patty

  12. That button bracelet is absolutely stunning! It would be perfect for a diy bride.