Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ideas & How to's for DIY Jewelry

We thought that we would share our little informal how-to that will be posted later on our website. Send us your ideas of how we could improve this little article or some more ideas on what can be put in these frames or any other ideas that you might have. We would love to hear from you!

Photos, Postcards, a child's refrigerator art, holiday themes, a photo of your favorite pet, a love letter...all become jewelry ready to grace the beholder in this versatile frame necklace. A longtime customer favorite at for making showing off things that mean something to you. A gift for grandma, a remembrance of a treasured summer vacation, or a lovely project for young ladies to adorn, the ideas are endless. These are so easy to do:

You will need:

A frame necklace (click here for choices)
Your favorite photo, postcard art, letters, scrapbooking art, cards, etc. We recommend that you copy and/or shrink them if needed on your printer.
German Glass Glitter (opt.)
Glue (opt.)
Jewelry findings/flatback crystals/charms... You can even use parts of old jewelry. (opt.)

1) Purchase your favorite pendant shape (we even have the new copper toned that would look fabulous for Halloween and Thanksgiving). All come with black cording.

2) Assemble some pieces of ephemera, scrapbook materials, postcards, photos, greeting cards or whatever you would like. Open up the frame and lay it down to get an idea of what you think would look best. Don't be afraid to cut on the angle. Not everything needs to be straight up and down.

3) Use a pencil to outline one side of your frame and then trim it to fit in the frame. Consider putting another choice on the other side. Embellish with glitter (we love German Glass Glitter- Fine or Very Fine.) also available on our site. Don't get carried away or it won't close!

4) Embellish your cord and frame with crystals, bells, charms, or old jewelry parts.

5) Give as a gift or show it off yourself. It is a masterpiece and needs to be bragged about and you can tell everyone that you did it yourself!


  1. Love these ideas, how nice of you to do the mini-tutorial. Thanks,
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  2. Kim ~

    I loved the tutorial. I just adore your creations.


  3. What a great show and tell Kim! Now, where is my glue....
    Susie, The Polka Dot Rose

  4. Wow Kim, I love this. How sweet to do a tutorial and share! Great pictures too. Now I just need to go out and buy everything... or better yet buy it from you!?! Hugs, Tedi

  5. This was so neat to see how you do these...I must say Kim, I can mess up even the most simple project and so your beautiful art is a definite gift!!! Very lovely!

  6. Kim, what a great tutorial! I love those wish tags, use them all the time. Ok, now I want to try this project.

  7. Don't you just love things that you can't really mess up (Yes, Lynette, you really could get this!:)
    Tedi, don't buy a thing other than the pendant. The rest you can get from around the house.
    Carrie, I would love to see what you could do with these. This may be your next Somerset submission!
    Patricia, Lisa, and Susie, you guys would be phenomenal at this and would think of things that I haven't even thought of!

  8. I love this post, thank you for sharing with us, how about pressed flowers.

  9. Kim I just love those frames with the scrolly piece on top! They are so gorgeous! What a fantastic post!
    bunny hugs,

  10. Wonderful tutorial!! Love the Pendant I bought from you a while back.