Saturday, December 5, 2009

Madeline has made her Grand Entrance

It was love at first sight and I knew right then that she was meant to be a part of our lives. She floated into the room and just stood there, a splendid beauty with her gorgeous gown and sparkling jewels. A coquette to be sure in her French blue ball gown, billowy vintage tulle, and pink millinery roses. Of course, even though she is sheer perfection, a few pieces of Broken China jewelery will make her the belle of the ball.

Jeannine from Days Gone by Creations has outdone herself with her handiwork. She is currently selling her gorgeous display pieces at an antique store called Collectiques in Pennsylvania. Just drop me a line from our website and I will gladly direct you to her. I know for a fact that Madeline has some beautiful sisters!

I have decided to put her in the cottage so she can inspire me. My sweet little cottage was a Valentine's Day gift from my husband. That little cottage means a lot to me and Madeline's addition will make it all the more special.


  1. Oh Kim,
    How can I ever thank you for such a lovely blog post? Madeline has found the perfect home with you in your Cottage created of Love...
    I am honored that you love her as much as I do...I am working on getting my website up and running and will get you the link as soon as I do...Your help has been a Godsend..I hope you have a Blessed Holiday Season!Thanks Again, Hugs,Jeannine

  2. How beautiful is that!! Very talented romantic rose creations Thank you so much for sharing. Salone Di Petros

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  4. Oh My Gosh, This is 2DIE4. I am
    You are one lucky girl to get this for Valentines Day. Its going to give you lots of inspiration for many years to come. I enjoyed your blog. Come enter my contest when you get a minute. I signed up to be a follower. I didnt see my name on there, but swear I have signed before. lol Kath' at