Monday, May 31, 2010

Decisions, Decisions.

Isn't this divine? We had the honor and pleasure of working with Angie from Tennessee. There was one Broken China Jewelry charm that she just adored and it was sold out. Could we do another? Why, sure we can. Of course, china is one of those things that you can run out of and can't exactly order more of. Fortunately for both of us, we did have enough for Angie's favorite charm.

She was as charming as her bracelet to work with through a phone call and emails. Angie made me laugh when she said that she was wearing out going through all the charms to put together her bracelet. I love the little girl that comes out in all of us when we are inspired. It's so refreshing.

Sometimes I actually think that we want lots of choices, but it may be closer to the truth to have a few good choices than scads of them. It kind of muddies the water, you know. With charm bracelets, there is always the classic base bracelet. The double rowed silver or gold link bracelet. Since Angie loved pearls and would be adding to her bracelet, it made sense to go with the pretty Flirty Pearl bracelet.

After making that decision, Angie was trying to decide what color pearls. It was important to her because she wants to wear this bracelet a lot. I suggested that she look at the clothes in her closet to see what the predominant color. Angie chose Swarovski cream (excellent choice, I think!).

After sending her a picture to approve the bracelet, we added a few Swarovski crystal suprises. I love a little bit of sparkle, don't you? Teardrop crystals and pearls are such wonderful fillers if you are adding charms slowly.

Every girl should have at least one charm bracelet. They are timeless chronicles to remembering wonderful moments in life. I think what she came up with was absolutely worth effort and thought. And she thinks that her daughters will love it, too. Do you have a piece of jewelry that inspires you?


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  2. Kim ~ Angie's charm bracelet is gorgeous.

  3. Hi Kim,,, I am so happy to see ya. The charm bracelet is stunning. I love it so much. I have a charm bracelet that my mother gave me for my 16th birthday with a sweet 16 charm on it. I have added to it over the years. I have about 30 charms by now. Maybe more? I love it sooo much.
    I have been meaning to get in touch! Our trip the cape was very nice. I had alot of fun. Very quiet and restful. Just what I needed! Then I started my new job at Target in the corporate offices when I got back. I am still in training and its kicking my hiney! Lots to learn, but I do love it. I will be in touch soon.
    Hope all is going well for you! Have a pretty day. (()) gail

  4. Hello Gail! How wonderful that good things are happening for you. You certainly deserve it! Keep me posted on how it goes. I wish that I could have been there at the Cape. Maybe next year if Joyce goes again (LOL). Hope to call you soon. I love email but phone suits me better. HUGS!

  5. Hi Kim,
    So nice to see you. The bracelet, like all of your work, is so beautiful. I love the pearls. Really enjoyed reading your post.

  6. Hi Kim, that bracelet is so pretty. I'm sure your customer is thrilled with it. I like the pearls in the bracelet.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  7. I loved your blog this week. I am so happy that you are doing good. I love charm braclets and believe every girl should have at least one as well.
    That will be on my list of must do's. Have a wonderful day. Kath'

  8. Oh gosh, this charm bracelet is so beautiful I wish I could buy something like this.