Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I love new technology.  Not a techno geek here, but I love technologies that help us do what we love:  preserve memories.  

We invested heavily in this technology, and it is a wonder.  This technology actually takes minerals and creates a print very much like the original.  Yes, minerals.  Isn't that something?  And these minerals are then fired on to the porcelain as has been done for centuries.

Best of all, it will last FOREVER.  It will not fade.  It can take some abuse.  It can be used outdoors or indoors.  Bottom line...I love it. 

Here is my sweet Grandma Fern on a porcelain charm the size of a dime:
I would like to think that my grandma would get a kick out of it.  She was a spirited lady at just 4'11" but she was 6'6" when she needed to be.

I got excited when her pic came out of the kiln and tried my hand at some other photos.  Here are some porcelain charms that I haven't set yet:
Left: Dawn kissing baby JD, Jr.
Center:  Gary B.
Right: JD, Jr.

These are my prototypes.  The top charm will probably go to one of my sisters (whoever speaks first!).  Another one like it will be made into a tie tack for my dad.

The ones in the second pic (L & R) are going to my sister Dawn.  Baby Joe Derek, Jr., her grandbaby,  sadly passed away so these will be momentos for her.  
And the center in the second picture will go to my Aunt Pam. It is of her brother who recently passed. She grabbed this photo from the net and I was able to get the quality good enough to make a charm.  I think it came out pretty good.  She doesn't know about it yet.
I can't wait to get them set!

We will have the charms with your own pictures available for purchase soon.  It is the kind of thing that makes people happy.  Memories are great even if they bring a few happy tears.  

You have permission to bug me, dear reader, if you would like us to do one for you!  Just drop me a line at and we will let you know where we are with this!

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